100 Security Experts to Follow on Twitter

Aliya Sternstein on TwitterWillard Shepard on TwitterSecurity Affairs on TwitterSaumil Shah on TwitterJeremi Gosney on TwitterCharlie Osborne on TwitterEugene Kaspersky on TwitterJulian Oliver on TwitterFahmida Y. Rashid on TwitterNatalie Sambhi on TwitterRyan Barnett on TwitterJustin Case on TwitterKevin Townsend on TwitterHelena Edelson on TwitterCesar Cerrudo on TwitterTom Field on TwitterDanny Lieberman on TwitterCharlie Miller on TwitterDejan Kosutic on TwitterTony Bradley on TwitterGeoff Casely on TwitterRudhir Sharan on Twitterlcamtuf on TwitterAvram Marius on TwitterTim Strazzere on TwitterJames Ball on TwitterJoshua Corman on TwitterEric Chabrow on TwitterJim Kesselring on TwitterDr. Eric Cole on TwitterSeth Rosenblatt on TwitterJonathan Mayer on TwitterCesare Garlati on TwitterMikko Hypponen on Twitterbriankrebs on TwitterGal Shpantzer on TwitterJustin Foster on TwitterAdrian Crenshaw on TwitterChester W - Sophos on TwitterDancho Danchev on Twitterthe grugq  on Twitteradam shostack on TwitterBret Piatt on TwitterSchneier Blog on TwitterDanRaywood on TwitterPariseauTT on Twitterbeist on TwitterRichard Bejtlich on TwitterBen Rothke on TwitterJohnny Long on TwitterHal Pomeranz on TwitterDave Whitelegg on TwitterSteveD3 on TwitterBillBrenner70 on Twitteredskoudis on TwitterChris Gates on TwitterAdrian Hayter on TwitterRSnake on TwitterThierry Zoller on Twittermdowd on TwitterKatie Moussouris on TwitterSandy Bouvier-Ingram on TwitterMatt Johansen on TwitterThe Dark Tangent on TwitterLubor Ptacek on TwitterLenny Zeltser on TwitterChristopher Soghoian on TwitterKevin Mitnick on TwitterTom Eston on TwitterDavidLinthicum on TwitterBrianHonan on TwitterRob Lemos on TwitterJeremiah Grossman on TwitterJennifer J. Minella on TwitterDavid Kravets on TwitterChris Wysopal on TwitterRaffael Marty on TwitterPaul Asadoorian on TwitterWesley McGrew on TwitterPetko D. Petkov on TwitterDr. Anton Chuvakin on TwitterLarry Walsh on TwitterGraham Cluley on TwitterAndrew Hay on TwitterK.Kugan on TwitterMike Wiacek on TwitterMartin Roesch on TwitterDan Kaminsky on TwitterRyan Naraine on TwitterJack Daniel on TwitterAndrew Mason on TwitterPaul Roberts on TwitterRandy Bias on TwitterDave Lewis on TwitterMartin McKeay on TwitterBill Gardner on TwitterSam Johnston on TwitterDan Philpott on TwitterJeff Barr on TwitterDavid Ulevitch on Twitter

As the worldwide security technology market is forecasted to grow 28% by 2016, according to Gartner, companies are continuing to strengthen their security technologies. With security being the primary IT concern, it’s imperative for CTO’s to stay atop of security news and industry trends. In order to combat this unpredictable market, we’ve created a Twitter list of must-follow security experts.

Before we delve into the list, here are some current security forecasts and statistics worth checking out:

  • In the United States, data breach incidents cost companies $194 per compromised record. The average total cost per company that report a data breach in 2012 was down slightly at $5.4 million.

2013 Cost of a Data Breach: Global Analysis, Ponemon Institute and Symantec, June 2013

  • Through 2016, the financial impact of cybercrime will grow 10 percent per year due to the continuing discovery of new vulnerabilities.

Gartner Top Predictions for 2012: Control Slips Away, Gartner, December 2011

  • Total number of records containing sensitive personal information involved in security breaches in the United States is 608,087,870 in 3,763 data breaches since January 2005.

A Chronology of Data Breaches, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, June 2013

  • According to DataLossDB, there have so far been 500 data breach incidents globally in 2013 and there were 1,612 incidents in 2012.

DataLossDB, Open Security Foundation’s formerly Attrition.org, June 2013

  • Most data breach victims fell prey because they were found to possess an (often easily) exploitable weakness rather than because they were pre-identified for attack; 79 percent of victims were targets of opportunity, and 96 percent of attacks were not highly difficult.

2012 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), Verizon Business, April 2012

  • Malicious attacks (defined as a combination of hacking and insider theft) accounted for nearly 47 percent of the recorded breaches in 2012 in the United States. Hacking attacks were responsible for more than one-third (33.8 percent) of the data breaches recorded.

A Chronology of Data Breaches, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, 2012

If you’re looking to stay atop security trends, news, and intelligence, Twitter is a fantastic resource to attain this valuable information. We hope this helps your conquest on staying atop of industry trends. An easy-to-follow Twitter list is at the bottom of the page of these experts of Twitter. It should also be noted this list is not a ranking, rather 100 equally outstanding accounts to follow.

100 Great Security Experts on Twitter

1. Willard Shepard, @WillardNBC6
2. Matt Johansen, @mattjay
3. PariseauTT, @PariseauTT
4. the grugq , @thegrugq
5. Tom Field, @SecurityEditor
6. Tom Eston, @agent0x0
7. Dave Lewis, @gattaca
8. Mike Wiacek, @MikeWiacek
9. Bret Piatt, @bpiatt
10. Adrian Hayter, @ah8r
11. Dr. Eric Cole, @drericcole
12. Saumil Shah, @therealsaumil
13. Andrew Hay, @andrewsmhay
14. DavidLinthicum, @DavidLinthicum
15. Wesley McGrew, @McGrewSecurity
16. James Ball, @jamesrbuk
17. Dejan Kosutic, @Dejan_Kosutic
18. Ryan Naraine, @ryanaraine
19. Schneier Blog, @schneierblog
20. Jack Daniel, @jack_daniel
21. Kevin Mitnick, @kevinmitnick
22. RSnake, @RSnake
23. Natalie Sambhi, @SecurityScholar
24. Seth Rosenblatt, @sethr
25. Mikko Hypponen , @mikko
26. The Dark Tangent, @thedarktangent
27. Ryan Barnett, @ryancbarnett
28. Raffael Marty, @raffaelmarty
29. Helena Edelson, @helenaedelson
30. Dan Philpott, @danphilpott
31. K.Kugan, @scamboy
32. Rudhir Sharan, @RudhirSharan
33. Gal Shpantzer, @Shpantzer
34. beist, @beist
35. Larry Walsh, @lmwalsh2112
36. Rob Lemos, @roblemos
37. David Kravets, @dmkravets
38. Cesare Garlati, @CesareGarlati
39. Adrian Crenshaw, @irongeek_adc
40. BillBrenner70, @BillBrenner70
41. Chester W – Sophos, @chetwisniewski
42. Eric Chabrow, @GovInfoSecurity
43. Richard Bejtlich, @taosecurity
44. briankrebs, @briankrebs
45. Cesar Cerrudo, @cesarcer
46. Joshua Corman, @joshcorman
47. Bill Gardner, @oncee
48. Paul Roberts, @paulfroberts
49. Jeremi Gosney, @jmgosney
50. Danny Lieberman, @security_expert
51. edskoudis, @edskoudis
52. Hal Pomeranz, @hal_pomeranz
53. Thierry Zoller, @thierryzoller
54. lcamtuf, @lcamtuf
55. Dr. Anton Chuvakin, @anton_chuvakin
56. DanRaywood, @DanRaywood
57. Ben Rothke, @benrothke
58. Dan Kaminsky, @dakami
59. Jennifer J. Minella, @jjx
60. SteveD3, @SteveD3
61. adam shostack, @adamshostack
62. Sam Johnston, @samj
63. Dancho Danchev, @danchodanchev
64. Petko D. Petkov, @pdp
65. Julian Oliver, @julian0liver
66. Randy Bias, @randybias
67. Katie Moussouris, @k8em0
68. Christopher Soghoian, @csoghoian
69. Chris Wysopal, @WeldPond
70. Eugene Kaspersky, @e_kaspersky
71. Graham Cluley, @gcluley
72. Geoff Casely, @GeoffCasely
73. Jeremiah Grossman, @jeremiahg
74. Avram Marius, @securityshell
75. Paul Asadoorian, @pauldotcom
76. Kevin Townsend, @kevtownsend
77. Martin McKeay, @mckeay
78. Dave Whitelegg, @SecurityExpert
79. Tim Strazzere, @timstrazz
80. mdowd, @mdowd
81. Security Affairs, @securityaffairs
82. Lubor Ptacek, @lptacek
83. Andrew Mason, @masontech
84. BrianHonan, @BrianHonan
85. Jeff Barr, @jeffbarr
86. Lenny Zeltser, @lennyzeltser
87. Johnny Long, @ihackstuff
88. Charlie Osborne, @ZDNetCharlie
89. David Ulevitch, @davidu
90. Jim Kesselring, @RazorEQX
91. Sandy Bouvier-Ingram, @smallbizprivacy
92. Chris Gates, @carnal0wnage
93. Martin Roesch, @mroesch
94. Jonathan Mayer, @jonathanmayer
95. Tony Bradley, @TonyBradleyBSG
96. Justin Foster, @justin_foster
97. Aliya Sternstein, @Aliya_NextGov
98. Fahmida Y. Rashid, @zdFYRashid
99. Justin Case, @TeamAndIRC
100. Charlie Miller, @0xcharlie

Although we think the list is strong, by no means do we believe it’s perfect. If you have any suggestions to add to our list, let us know and we’ll be sure to consider their candidacy in the future.

Want to follow them all in one go? Check out the public Twitter list of 100 great security experts.