Why Mobile Security?

Cyberattackers target apps, networks and devices

Enterprises struggle to secure countless networks, mobile apps, devices and operating system versions – all of which represent individual attack points.

Criminals and hostile governments exploit these vulnerabilities to compromise corporations’ network security and steal proprietary data.

MDM products reduce data loss from lost or stolen devices, but aren’t designed to prevent sophisticated mobile threats.

The Solution:
Mobile Threat Prevention

Marble’s mobile threat prevention platform dynamically learns and adapts to new threats in real time. Powered by a big data engine and its own threat research lab, Marble’s cloud service constantly analyzes and correlates thousands of data points about compromised networks, malware, and malicious apps to protect enterprise networks accessed by Android and iOS devices.


Marble's mobile security platform prevents attacks on corporate networks

How mobile threat prevention
protects against cyberattacks

Adding an extra layer of security to mobile deployments is essential

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Marble secures mobile devices and networks,
enhancing MDM and MAM solutions

Reduces cost – Marble allows allows IT to take advantage of cost-reducing opportunities such as employee-supplied devices (BYOD) and cloud computing.

Protects data loss from mobile devices – Marble defends mobile devices from attacks targeting corporate networks and personal data, preserving resources, market advantage, and reputation.

Enables regulatory compliance – Supports compliance with regulatory and financial guidelines such as HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC, as well as internal data protection and access security policies.

Ease of use – Users simply, quickly, and securely access enterprise applications through an easy-to-use mobile app, making employees more productive.

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Mobile security with essential MDM and MAM – Enforces password and encryption requirements; detects jailbroken and rooted devices; remotely locks devices; wipes corporate data from lost or stolen devices; pushes, deletes and wipes mobile apps.

Risk-based access control – Dynamically produces a single risk score for each device, restricting access to corporate resources in real time whenever risk thresholds exceed levels set by IT.

Easily deployed cloud service – Marble is a highly-scalable, cloud-managed service that’s quickly deployed, with new users and devices added or removed in seconds. IT accesses templatized policies for rapid deployment.

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Migrate from device management to device inspection. Instead of managing devices, consider answering the question, “Is it safe to run this enterprise application on this device at this time?”

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